About COYN

Governance & Strategy


COYN is led by a Governance Committee composed of one individual serving as representatives of each of the member organizations that have met the bar of 12 months of active participation, have completed the COYN Annual Pledge, and which choose to take a seat on the Governance Committee.



By June 2023, COYN will have grown into a nimble, proactive, and influential statewide advocacy-intermediary network that bridges policy and practice to achieve systems change at scale. To achieve this, COYN will center youth-led change to close the gap between state level policy organizations (both advocates and policymakers), ground-level service providers (implementers), communities (recipients/beneficiaries) to create policy-to-practice-to-community linkages and feedback loops that drive statewide systems-level change.

3-Year Strategic Plan


Current Members

COYN membership is organizational, and membership is open to all organizations wishing to join the network. That said, COYN intends to be a network of networks. Membership is voluntary, and organizations will continue to be considered members so long as they actively participate in the work of the network. Active membership shall be defined as participating in regularly scheduled COYN events (to include conference calls, webinars, or in-person meetings), as well as engaging in advocacy efforts through active participation on-the-ground in a member’s own community.


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